Filled with enthusiasm and effort, and with the support from many, we created this travel agency where we want to show unique destinations that are not very well known to the average traveler, but hold a great charm waiting to surprise us all. This type of trip will get us away from the conventional and crowded trips, and offer an alternative where travelers can live the journey as they dreamed.

For us, the best moment of the day is the sunset, where after a day filled with adventures that we can share our experiences with our new friends and travel companions, enjoying the colors that the sky gives and the aromas that the breezes bring. What is your favorite moment?

tripstodream the idea


Trips to dream is a new travel agency, that was created with the objective to offer everyone vacation packages that are specially designed by us to guarantee travelers the absolute best routes and activities to do in each region, where we incorporate fun, relaxation and a cultural touch, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful villages and a unique natural environment that will mesmerize you in each destination.

tripstodream mission


Our dream to reach in a short period of time is to be able to offer the widest variety of tourist products throughout the European territory, and adapting a large part of the offer to reach all audiences and be a reference in the tourism market.

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In Trips to Dream we place a great emphasis on respecting the environment.
In Trips to dream we create adaptive packages because everyone, regardless of physical or mental condition, deserves unique and marvelous experiences in their travels.
Our clients will always be provided with personal and adequate attention.
Favorable conditions of our employees.
Our product quality is paramount
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Since I was very young I have always been passionate about traveling all over the world discovering hidden places which I had always dreamed about. My first big trip in group was to Costa Rica and since then many countries have been added to my list, exploring countless amazing places in different continents, always with a backpack on my back.

In addition, and as I could not miss, I have travelled within my own country, Spain, year after year, from north to south, from east to west, discovering hidden and wonderful spots that have filled me with positive energy thanks to their towns full of history, their magical landscapes and their wonderful people. During all my trips I have always done adventure sports in nature, as a joyful way to explore new territories and to strengthen my connection with the environment.

Now I live in Denmark and I have the opportunity to share with you the most spectacular places where I have traveled in Spain and Europe. I'm sure you will love it.

David Figueras Suarez
Founder and restless soul