Camino de Santiago - Vadiniense

Camino de Santiago - Vadiniense

Are you ready to fall in love with the beautiful hidden landscape in the National Park of Picos de Europa, northern Spain?

If your answer is YES, you are more that welcome to join our international small group of hikers, wich will walk trough one of the most beautifuls Camino de Santiago. This time, our adventure will take 12 days, (9 o 10 walking), the 220km of this Camino Vadiniense.

But, What is the Camino Vadiniense?

The Camino Vadiniense, or Jacobean trail trough Liébana, is the trail that connects the Camino de Santiago -Camino del Norte, from San Vicente de la Barquera, on the Cantabrian cost , with the Camino Francés, on Mansillas de las Mulas,at few kilometers from León. The striking thing about this route, apart from its incredible beauty of the landscape surrounded by high mountains, valleys, rivers and forests,is that you will enjoy walking, on the early stages, through the Camino Levaniego, where we will pass near the Santo Toribio Monastery. This monastery has an important t cultural, historical and religious value.

Trips to Dream have organized the itinerary, transportation, accompanying guide tour and a series of measures to have several options during the trip, in this way we give participants the opportunity to choose the options that best suit the entire group; for example, along the way there are different alternative routes, which taking them or not, the stages will be shortened or longer. This will be evaluated at the beginning of each stage by the guide and the participants since each day will be a different day. That is why we do not reserve accommodation, to enjoy this flexibility.

If you want continue walking more days until reaching Santiago de Compostela, you can join our next trip, a few days after this one ends. We will hike trough the Camino Primitivo, from Oviedo to Santiago. The Camino Primitio is one of most beautiful and harder caminos too. Click next link for more information.

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  • The departure will be from Madrid. If you are coming to Spain by plane, it will be a good idea if you have your flight the day before or early morning. The first day you will meet the rest of the group and the gruide tour on one point and time that we will give you. Then all of you will travel to San Vicente de La Barquera, starting point of our Camino. If we arrived with enough time, then we will visit the small city. Today is time to meet eachother and take energy for next days!!

  • The next 9 or 10 days of the Camino stages, will be almost the same rutine. You will have harder stages at the beginin, but those days you will enojy the best of Picos de Europa.Its wonderful landscapes will be unforgettable for you on this trip. After Picos de Europa, you will enjoy easier stages until reach León.

  • Once arrived in León, you will enjoy its gastronomy and its night strolling through its streets. You don't have to walk anymore, it's time to relax those legs. Depending on whether or not we shorten stages throughout the journey we will enjoy a day or so in the city. We will have time to visit the city, as well as to have free time.

  • On the last day, returning to Madrid, and depending on the time we, the group wil decided if, we make a stop along the way to visit a city, such as Segovia or Ávila.

  • Every previous day the group will set breakfast and departure time depending on the route hours. Each member will be able to choose their own speed , all the members of the group are coming together or occasionally taking our space adn distance. We are an open group and we must respect each other's spaces . The guide will always be the last in the group to see that the entire team is doing well and not to leave anyone behind. Every day the guide will explain the route that we are going to find in the next stage, in order to decide between all which distances to travel or meeting points for lunch and dinner. The decisions of the majority of the group will be respected for everybody.


The next dates for this trip are:

  • From 5 of September to 17 of September 2020
  • On May 2021
  • On September 2021
  • If you want to know the next departures please send a mail to us on:


This Camino in group will have 8 hikers like maximum and one guide tour.

This trip is open for everybody. Then you will have the oportunity of meet wonderful people coming from diffenrent countries.

The group will participate in the decisions of each stage, within the limits of flexibility to choose the options that best suit the group


Depending on the departures dates we will have to choose one type of luggage or another that we will tell you later. We will give you different tips to complete your lauggage, as well we going to organized the things that we can share and then we can have less weight in the backpack.


Liébana, is a region located in the southwest of Cantabria, celebrates the holy period since 1512, for safeguarding in the Santo Toribio de Liébana monastery, the largest piece of the Cross of Christ, the Lignum Crucis, a relic by which many pilgrims begin their great journey through this branch until reaching the Forgiveness´s door in their monastery. Walking through the Camino Lebaniego, makes for those who want it, get the Lebaniega, the certificate that accredits this pilgrimage.

From Spring To Autum,

(12 days / 11 nights)

1 452 DKK

Price per person shared room


  • Guide tour during the whole trip
  • Participation in the group
  • Transfer from Madrid to San Vicente de la Barquera
  • Transfer from Mansillas de las Mulas to León
  • Transfer from León to Madrid
  • Advice to organize luggage
  • Tips to make the most of this experience
  • Visit to León and perhaps transfer for a few excursions

Not included

  • Flights
  • Meals and accommodation
  • Tickets to places of interest, cultural guides or tips
  • Luggage transfer
  • Travel insurance
  • Pilgrimage certificates
  • Any point not described in Included