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Adventure trips

Trips to Dream takes you where conventional agencies won’t, we’ll show you the best hidden places in Spain, where local people vacation far away from the tourist masses. That way, we’ll offer you a dreamed vacation.

A journey planned with us, which I’m sure you’ll repeat year after year!

Spain holidays

If you want to spend some holidays with your friends, family, or even meet new people in our scheduled outings, here you’ll find all the vacation packages you’ll need. We have multi-adventure and wildlife observation packages, camps for boys and girls, camps for adults, family holidays and accessible travel for the disabled. In all of these, we’ve mixed the most beautiful landscapes and villages of every area to create a unique experience.

tripstodream rafting
tripstodream rafting

Trips to Dream offers two types of outings:

Travel group

  • With set dates, which will allow you to join a group of people who, along with a guide, will accompany you on your trips. Check out our calendar and come meet new people who share the same hobbies as you do.

Family holidays - Holidays with friends

  • With personalized dates, here you’ll be able to book the packages we offer for the dates that suit you best. Thus, and without having to spend too much time searching and planning your holidays, we’ll give you an itinerary with a carefully designed route, so you can enjoy the best places of each region, the best activities, and the best lodgings. We’ll give you all the lodging and activity reservations along with a rental car from the airport. You’ll only need to focus on enjoying your vacations. Additionally, for family trips, we’ll offer special routes that lie close to camps for the youngest, so the parents can enjoy a few days to themselves, while being close to their children, that way, everyone can have an unforgettable stay.

Choose your next adventure trip!

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